Student Guardianship

Providing comfort and support away from home…
Student Guardianship

At Jestone Education, we understand how difficult it can be for a student to live and study in another country or far away from home. It can also be just as difficult for parents, knowing that their ward is going to be living far away from home support.

However, you can be rest assured that by choosing Jestone Education Guardianship (JEG) service, your ward is in safe and competent hands and will be provided with alternative best comfort and support structure away from home.

At Jestone, We Care
We care about our students’ welfare

Jestone Education Guardians are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to speak to our students and deal with any problems which may arise.

We care about education performance

JEG offers academic mentoring and monitoring, research coaching and private tutoring services to ensure that all students reach their full potential.

We care about progression

We understand that education is a huge investment and therefore support students with advisory services that enhances a smooth transitioning to the career world.

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